There are many different committees and groups working behind the scenes at St. Mary's. If you wanted to be involved but didn't know where to start now is the time! There are volunteer options for everyone based on available times and skills.

Here are some of our lovely volunteers hard at work:

Activity DescriptionDatesTime CommitmentNeed
Membership CommitteeManage membership. Assign plots. Manage garden mentor program. Year roundMonthly meetingsWe currently have about 3-4 members on our membership committee but always welcome new, committed members to join.
Events CommitteeDevelop and coordinate community events. Run events. Year roundMonthly meetings. + set up/ clean up during events once or twice a monthWe currently have about 6-8 people on out events committee but new members are always welcome.
Maintenance CrewPlan and lead work days. Maintain general areas. Ensure tools are properly cared for.May-OctoberA few days a month, 1-4 hours a timeWe are currently in need of more members to participate with out maintenance crew.
Garden HistorianThis person will document the activities of the garden through photographs and any newspaper articles about the garden and keep them in a scrap book. This person must be someone who regularly attends events.Anytime2+ hours a monthWe need someone to fill this position.
Surplus Produce DistributorsCollect donated produce from the Garden on a regular basis and deliver to area food banks. Pickups occur Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and Saturday. Must be committed to picking up produce and making deliveries on assigned days.June - Octobera couple hours a weekWe need people to fill this position. Looking for 2-6 people
Plant Donation CrewContact local businesses for donations. Collect plants and seeds and supervise their distribution and care. April - August1+ hour/s a monthWe need people to fill this position. Looking for 2-6 people.
Garden MentorPair up with beginner gardeners to offer advice and help them get into gardening. May- October2+ hours a monthWe need garden mentors!
Garden clean up Pull some weeds, clean up the garbage, tidy up common areas anytime you're up visiting the garden. Remember to only work on common areas (walkways and community paths) May- OctoberAt your leisureNo commitment required! 

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