Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another wonderful Harvest Party!

Our volunteers have been working hard all year. I want to thank everyone who has supported NBCHG in any way. Every little bit counts in growing this wonderful community. Thank you!

Here are some pictures from this weekends Harvest Party. Click here to see more pictures.

Here are some tips and comments that we collected at the party from various members:
  • Plant brussels sprouts early [and someone added:  take off the top of brussels sprouts plants to force them to bush out]
  • I can plant indoors in my apartment!!
  • Today I figured out, you're better off investing in indoor grow lighting instead of humidity control!
  • If you plant garlic in the fall, make sure to cover it with straw so it doesn't get frozen and thawed
  • Dry years - keep watering [and someone else added:  especially broccoli and cauliflower!]
  • Bugs like eating holes in the leaves - use organic homemade remedies
  • If you're growing potatoes make sure to mound the dirt around almost daily so they don't get sunburnt!  Once they do they are too bitter to eat!
  • Think outside the box!  It's not supposed to be rows!
  • Putting sulfur on blueberries increases growth and production

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