Monday, August 12, 2013

Keeping the garden beautiful

On Saturday August 10 many members came out to help clean up the garden and make it even more beautiful than it already was.  

As you have probably heard, we are inviting the world (well, Fredericton at least) to come visit the garden next Saturday for Gardenfest, so we wanted things to be looking ship-shape!   

You still have time to get out this week to get your plot ready for Saturday.  Have you checked to see if it's time to harvest?  We saw lots of ripe tomatoes, and we don't want to see food going to waste.  If you can't or don't want to harvest your food, let us know, and others might be able to use it.  

Some of the tasks that got done on Saturday included... 

  • Pathways were weeded
  • The last of the manure pile by the parking lot got distributed 
  • A groundhog deflector panel was installed at the bottom of the main gate
  • Compost piles were rotated and piles of sticks were removed
  • Garbage bins were emptied
  • Painted garden signs in the shed were mounted on stakes (if you've been waiting for your sign, it's ready!) 
Thanks to Marie-Eve, here are a few pictures from the work day...

Sabine and some prizewinning onions!
Carol working hard, as usual! 

Carol's beautiful borage
Freshly harvested
Hannah and Sabine - what's so funny? 
Men working!  Rob and John working on the compost piles

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